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What will it take for us to co-create a thriving living system for all?

Introducing Impact Velocity

Impact Velocity (or IMPACTV) is a systems awareness facilitator and impact accelerator. We provide training and development, supported by an ecosystem of resources, for our IMPACTEER members’ network, to achieve meaningful impact for People, Planet and Progress on a cumulative scale, towards the vision of a thriving living system. 


Shifting to and empowering an impact mindset as the basis for sustaining oneself and communities in the face of inevitable changes and challenges ahead.

Systems Awareness Programme 

Systems Awareness Programme 

Our System Awareness for Collective Advantage program for Lab2Market ecosystem, Dec 2022.

Impact Skills Training 

Impact Skills Training 

Our corporate Whole Business Training (WBT) Business Stimulation program at Vitto and Hoan My for its 420 staff.


Bringing in and providing platforms, consulting, mentoring, incubation, and accelerators to formulate and implement innovative impact models with velocity.



Networking at Lab2Market Demo Day: (L to R) Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra; Singapore Ambassador Mr. Jaya Ratnam; Ms. Poorani Thanusha & Benjamin Wong, CEO of Kinobi.

Interviews with Start-Ups

Interviews with Start-Ups Interview with Ms. Ho Suong Lan, Founder of Marie, a SIB Incubatee of Bizcare incubator.


Encouraging and showcasing initiatives around 3Ps as well as connecting networks and communities to cross leverage, accumulate and amplify the impact.

Sensing Journeys

Sensing Journeys

A field trip to Lab2Market's start-up ECOFA's Pineapple farm in Vinh City, Vietnam, Nov 2022.

Impact Projects

Impact Projects

Bumi Alam – Protecting the Malayan Tiger.

Our Partner Ecosystem

Partners Quotes

Francis Xavier, Founder - Bumi ALAM, Malaysia.

“I am delighted to be a member of the Transgenerational Legacy Circle of Impact Velocity through my work as Founder and Chair of NGO Bumi Alam. Transformational platforms such as Impact Velocity are critical in bringing about a paradigm shift in achieving community empowerment.”

C. Jen VuHuong, Director - BK Holdings’ Lab2Market, Vietnam.

“I appreciate the 3 pillars that Impact Velocity emphasises – People Awareness, Planet Renewal and Progress Sharing are important and when they come together will bring a sustainable and collective success. We see these principles in action when working with Dr. Ramesh and Impact Velocity’s team through Lab2market incubation program.”

Daniel Loh, CEO - FundON (GreenON and AgriON Platforms), Singapore.

“We are very excited about our collaboration with Impact Velocity to launch the very first co-branded sponsorship programme on our GreenON platform. This marks a significant step forward for FundON to enable impact and sustainable projects for funding through sponsorship and transition finance.”

Dr. Nisha Kohli, Founder - Corp Stage, Vietnam.

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with our Vietnam Partners – Impact Velocity to enable the implementation of sustainable initiatives and to enhance ESG practices with the goal of bringing sustainable development to Vietnam. Our combined skills and expertise will be invaluable to help us to achieve our goals. By combining our strengths, we can create a powerful team that will be able to tackle even the most complex challenges.

Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra, Founder - Talent Leadership Crucible, Singapore.

“An entrepreneurial mindset is an essential skill for one’s survival in the age of disruption. Excited to be able to extend this to individuals and corporates who are interested in impact projects which require us to be resourceful, deal with uncertainty, manage risk and create value effectively.”

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Mr. Nguyen The Khanh, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang - Nguyen Family Enterprise Core Leaders.

“We as whole achieve what me as part never can. This is the way of Sustainable Success.”


Together. We Go Faster. Together. We Do Greater Good.

Working together as a community, with a common understanding, purpose and sense of urgency, we can redefine processes, systems and traditions to ensure rapid deployment and scaling of multiple impact projects for Transgenerational Impact NOW. 

Be An Impacteer! Convene here with like-minded individuals and organisations to catalyse and cumulate ideas and actions to ensure a thriving living system for all. Join our Impacteer network of high-powered and influential collective with the singular shared vision of People AwarenessPlanet Renewal, and Progress Sharing.

What Other Changemakers Are Saying…

“That future of the world in which people are aware and responsible – My vision has about 30 different pieces, the central themes being integration with nature, being healthy, having choice and freedom, transformation.” Listen To Podcast

Mr. Chris Freund

Founder & Partner, Mekong Capital (Vietnam).

“Just look at COP 26, there’s nothing but tri-sector opportunities coming out of that, because it’s such a complex issue. It’s not just the government’s problem, or the private sector’s problem, or civil societies’ issue. We have got to figure out how we can pool our resources together to tackle those seemingly intractable issues and causes of climate change.” Listen To Podcast

Ms. Christy Davis

Director, Back Porch Partners (USA).

“The bigger picture is that being a profitable company need not necessarily lead to being a sustainable company. Without ESG, you’re just living for your generation, you’re just living for today. You’re not taking care of the bigger picture, the environment, the space that you are operating in.” Listen To Podcast

Mr. Paul Tan

Co-Founder, Kreston ACA PAC (Singapore).

“In Texas Instruments, I have lots of scrap DRAMs being thrown away. I thought, “Why don’t I try to create something valuable?” Putting the scrap DRAMs into answering machines – That became an almost 200 million USD business at 90% profit margin.” Listen To Podcast

Prof Inderjit Singh

President at WBAF Global Startup Committee, CEO, Solstar International Pte Ltd (Singapore).


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